Taste doesn't lie

Since 2013 Tortilla Factory produces freshly made soft white and blue corn tortillas in The Netherlands by using traditional equipment.

Our products are made with organic corn (NON-GMO certified) and has had the Nixtamalization process that Mayans and Aztecs invented thousands of years ago. The corn is soaked and cooked in an alkaline solution, usually limewater, so the germs and hard outer hull from the kernels are removed.  Some of the corn oil is broken down into emulsifying agents, while bonding of the corn proteins to each other is also facilitated. 

Nixtamalized corn has several benefits over unprocessed grain for food preparation: it is more easily ground; its nutritional value is increased; flavor and aroma are improved.

Corn is our staple in Mexican food and Corn Tortillas are our plate, our fork, our indigenous root and part of our identity. 



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